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Rescue Me

The effects of the pandemic have hurt more than the families who lost loved ones. It has hurt those who work in service to those families. It pains me to watch a commercial from a university saying thank you to their frontline workers who recently graduated from school with their degrees in nursing. I also feel sorry for the new recruits who were forced into situations they have never experienced where people are trying to kill them simply for the uniform they wear. These young and impressionable minds were most vulnerable to the unrealistic expectations placed upon them by the circumstances they faced. They were not trained for battle but were forced to the front lines without proper equipment or knowledge how to be successful. They were expected to ignore their feelings of fear and inadequacy with a "fake it until you make it" attitude. Any unanswered questions were left on the table unresolved. No one knew where they were going but everyone was rushing to get there.

Leaders were lost themselves as they grappled with their own insecurities, limitations, and restrictions and tried their best to offer encouragement and hope. Others simply hid behind doors as they collapsed into despair and uncertainty. The solutions offered to save lives resulted in more lives being lost, riots in the streets, and an economy still struggling to recover. Every step of the way, frontline workers have been available to pick up the lives left shattered and destroyed. The nurses and doctors are still working to save lives. Police officers are still patrolling the streets in order to keep our neighborhoods safe. Mental Health providers are working diligently to help the masses who stand in disbelief over their circumstances, fears, and future uncertainties.

If you are a frontline worker - Thank you!

We want to help you find health and healing and a safe place to unload the chaos of past. Please reach out to us and let us support you, encourage you, and offer a shoulder to help with the burdens unique to serving others.



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