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Rise & Shine

Have you noticed that there are more women working outside the home today than at any other time in history? Some might say it is the high cost of living that drives them from their homes, but I believe it goes much deeper than that. I think women have an innate desire to live a life well lived. They want to be more, see more, and receive more in more meaningful ways. They are seeking success, but how is success measured? How do you know when you ARE successful?

The way we see ourselves has so much power over our lives. For decades now psychologists have unsuccessfully attempted to elevate a person's self-esteem by lowering the bar of success and leveling the playing field. All this did was punish those who had the drive to challenge themselves to excel. Those who were less motivated received equal compensation for not doing the work and they came to expect more for doing less. The acceptance of less than excellent work became the norm and we are continuing to lower the standards