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Risky Business

There is risk involved in everything. Even a decision to not do something because it seems too risky, is taking a risk that your choice may result in a future regret for not taking the risk in the first place. Every thought, every action involves risk, heck, even living involves the risk of death. We learned this truth over the past few years, but the lies, manipulations, and unrealistic expectations continue to flood our senses and keep us locked in fear. Fear prevents us from taking a risk, and many have chosen to remain a prisoner to the lie instead of living freely in truth.

Sometimes our fear is about the unknown risk, sometimes it's about our desire to belong. I remember being asked as a child by my parents, "If your friends walked off a cliff, would I follow them?" Of course, the answer is "no" but today that answer is all too often "yes." In the book, Collective Illusions" author Todd Rose offers many situations over the past two years that have proven the masses would most certainly walk over the cliff rather than stand up against what is wrong. Individuals may not agree with the lie, but rather than look foolish or risk ridicule and shame, they "go along to belong." Sadly, the research shows, the majority of participants in any group don't want to go over the cliff and would have welcomed someone else taking the first step so they could follow. A false narrative, when spoken often enough, is repeated by famous people, is shared on social media, and discussed amongst friends, creates an illusion that the lie must be true. When the majority look around and find the rest of the group feels the same way, it creates a movement. This is how riots start, buildings get burned, and wars begin. People die because of the lies, manipulations, and greed of those who seek only to control and take for themselves. When one brave soul takes the risk (and the assault), others are more likely to resist the control, resist the lies, and will walk away from the crowd.

If I act like I am guilty, I will be condemned, censored, and sentenced

for the crime I did not commit.

If I act like I'm innocent, but not in accord with the group,

I will suffer the same consequences.

How can I make a decision when both options have the same consequences?

When you find that you are being told you must suffer for the sake of others, you must forfeit your life, body, and money so others can live free from harm, be assured the only one benefiting is the one telling you this. The victims are always the reason that justifies the abuse, the lies, the deception. When you've grown up learning that you are not in control of anything, you must comply with the delusional thinking of the abuser. Fear of taking a risk keeps you hostage in the situation. It’s only when you realize you are not responsible for the abuse, you are not responsible for creating the delusional thinking, and you are not a prisoner that you can consider the risk and make the decision to leave.

"The Lord detests lying lips,

but he delights in people who are trustworthy."

Proverbs 12:22

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