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River Run

Recently I determined that I needed to lose the pounds I put on during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown. I went to a bike shop and was surprised by the 3 week estimated wait time for the repairs I needed to bring my bicycle back to life. I was equally surprised when they called 1 week later to tell me it was ready. YIPPIE!

Then I took off down a bike path and fell in love again with riding my bike.

When I was in my 20's and 30's I was a full-blown jock. I did triathlons, rowed boats in crew competitions, and competed in tennis across California. I had 14% body fat (average is 28%) and felt and looked amazing. All this was pre-technology when life was lived outdoors doing things. Today, we watch other people live the life we wish we had and don't get off the couch to go get it. Why?

I recall the best memories of my childhood were going camping with family and friends. As technology became the fad in the 1990's. As a new mom, I refused to bring it into my home. I turned off cable TV and hand-selected DVD's I wanted my daughter to watch, mostly musicals and comedies. There were no cell phones at that time so turning off technology meant no TV and limiting the radio to music of my choice. We did not watch the news as it was all depressing and talked only about the dangers in the world (sound familiar?). I believe my daughter grew up better because of it and today she is limiting what her children are exposed to as well.

Covid-19 gave the world a chance to focus on family, but instead we focused more on technology, the news, and were manipulated into a place where hate speech is normal, racial tensions create more division than ever, and political pendants drive hatred against everyone. We are pawns on the chessboards of the rich and powerful networks and Internet developers. The good news is we have the control button. They say "press play," but I say press "OFF." Parents, you can turn off your children's phones and save the money for college. You have the right to say "no" to your children and they will be better for it. Yes, they will be different from their friends, but shouldn't they be different? Teach them that being unique means they will be better than everyone else who is settling for mediocrity. Show them how to strive toward excellence and make their own choices. Teach them to believe not what is the fad, but what is true. Also, teach them to stand for what is right--not what is popular.

Go outside. Live the life you were meant to live. Be your BEST self not what someone else wants you to be. Find real friends who you can touch, smile at, and share positive life experiences with. Get up and get away from your cell phone, your laptop, and your social media feed. Turn off notifications that pull you and your children back down the rabbit hole of isolation. Wake up and re-engage in living life and take your children with you. Don't let their childhood memories be of watching TV, their phones, and their laptops. Let them have memories of riding bikes down the backroads of their life.


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