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America is being judged because of the slave trade industry that was brought here during the birth of the nation. Meanwhile, current slavery of men, women, and children who are being trafficked into America for the sex trade and forced labor camps goes ignored. People are suffering now right under our eyes, but as long as we are distracted and unaware, those in control are profiting and getting rich.

There is opportunity in every problem and money to be made for ambiguous solutions that never solve anything. All one has to do is look at California and New York as the template for ruination. These are two of the largest economic powerhouses of the United States, yet every effort is being made to destroy them. The US dollar used to be the world standard, and now it is on the brink of collapse. Our military might is being whittled away, and our industries in medical, educational, and technological ingenuity have fallen into disarray. Crime runs unabated, murder is at all-time high, and fear runs wild as hope for recovery diminishes.

Fear is not strength. Fear is weakness.

Fear makes us reactive and when we are afraid to move, to choose, to resist, others will determine what is best for us. Hesitancy prevents action and inaction opens the door to entrapment. We second-guess ourselves and that keeps us locked in a situation where nothing changes. Can someone be both good and evil? Evil requires knowing what is good first and then the decision is made to destroy it. Look at how our nation has turned from one of prosperity, safety, and truth, to one of poverty, lies, and destruction. Make the truth the enemy, and evil becomes the salvation that leads us over a cliff to our death. Look how the focus has changed over recent decades:

  • Group identity over individuality

  • Parental authority removed

  • Children are all wards of the state

  • Fathers abandoned faith and family

  • Self-righteous over justice

  • Selective reasoning

  • Selective enforcement

  • Selective discipline

  • Selective support

  • Selective life and death

  • Selective faith

  • Selective compassion

  • Selective forgiveness

  • Selective governance

There is a need for a united generational purpose to reveal and represent the truth. The destruction of the family has always been the beginning of the destruction of a nation. Parents united can teach their children to resist the lies and what is true. Parents can stand in the gap society has opened and fill the void with truth. Pray for strength for today and hope for tomorrow. In the actions of today, we are creating tomorrow's history. The events we allow will be judged by our children's children. Consider your own actions and how you want to be remembered. Will you stand for truth and take action against the lies, or allow the lies to be your legacy?

"Therefore, brothers, stand firm and cling to the traditions we taught you,

whether by speech or by letter."

2 Thessalonians 2:15


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