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Sad Santa

Recently I visited friends in Arizona and noticed I had forgotten my coat and it was really cold. Being used to the California version of winter (it was 75 when I left), I couldn't believe the shorts and T-Shirts as people went about their day in 37 degree weather. BRRRR! So of course I rushed to the Mall to buy a jacket.

I walked down the eerily quiet wide pathways between closed stores and those stores who were open but had few if any customers. There was Christmas music playing on the loud speakers, but very little decorations were seen anywhere. I walked past a group of children and their parents who were playing on the padded playground. Only steps away I saw three of Santa's helpers and the jolly man in red, only he wasn't so jolly. He was wearing a face shield and sat in his chair surrounded by large boxes and a fold up table placed to prevent the children from getting anywhere near him due to Social Distancing requirements.