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Slowly Sinking

Yesterday, a Florida condominium collapsed, leaving 4 dead and 100 more missing. The cause is not confirmed, but a research company said the building has been "slowly sinking" since the 1980's when it was built on reclaimed wetlands.

This is sad and a sign of the times. Erosion is happening everywhere, in our homes, in our relationships, in our communities. The slow sinking feeling we all are feeling could result in the collapse of more homes, more relationships, and more pain and suffering left in the rubble of our lives. We must find the weak parts and shore them up with relationship rebar. We must not plaster over the cracks of despair that are revealed in our daily living. We must not ignore that warning signs that we are sinking. And we must not live in a building ready to collapse even while the walls are caving in around us.

I pray every one of these family members, friends, and colleagues are found safe away from the rubble. I also pray the cause of the building collapse is revealed and the family members of those who died will find comfort.

For the rest of us, I pray this warning is taken to heart, that we will make sure our house is in order, and we are looking for signs of erosion.


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