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Is smart technology really smart? I started to think about this question after reading an article that talked about what we would do if “the big one hit" and we didn't have electricity. The move toward everything becoming electric puts us in a dangerous situation when electricity is no longer available. With threats of cyber attacks shutting down the electric grid, I started to look around at everything that would be shut down if we had an electrical blackout.

The first thing I noticed was my alarm clock would not work because it's a plug-in.

I went into the bathroom and noticed that my hair dryer and my electric toothbrush would not work in a black out. And when I took a shower, I contemplated if my water heater would work or if it also was run by an electric thermostat.

As I walked down the hallway, I noticed my smart thermostat would no longer work which would mean I would have no access to heat or air conditioning.

I walked into the kitchen and realized that my stove, my microwave, and my refrigerator would not work because they also ran on electricity. This would mean I would only be able to prepare meals from a can--that’s if I can figure out how to open that can without the use of my electric can opener.

The thought of not having any food to eat made me consider if I would be able to gain access to food or if the electric doors of the grocery store would lock me out. I wouldn’t be able to go to the ATM to withdraw money, and you can forget about anything that has to do with healthcare because everything they do is attached to something electronic. I think even their stethoscopes are plug-in nowadays.

Then I thought about my job. I wouldn’t be able to get into the building without a key because the building doors all have an electric door lock. Once I gained access to my office, I would quickly realize I have no Internet to run my business with. My phones are connected to the Internet so they would be dead, my laptop would be useless, and there would be no lights, no heat, or air conditioning either. I thought about how stupid I would look as I spin in circles trying to figure out how to run my business without electricity.

I thought about how I would even get anywhere if my electric car battery is dead. I do have a Harley that is not reliant upon anything electric. Oh wait a minute, I have to plug it into a trickle charge to keep the battery recharged or drive it all the time. Well, that may be one consequence I might enjoy! Oh wait, what happens when I run out of gas? Thank God I have a bicycle. Ugh, that's electric too.

I'm beginning to think everything being smart, isn't so smart after all.


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