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Sometimes I wish I had a nose like a dog and could sniff out the lies I'm being told. Have you ever felt that way? That there are so many uncontrollable variables to every situation in life; the complexities are overwhelming, nothing is simple anymore, and everything is complicated, irrational, and confusing. At times finding solitude is the only thing the anxious mind craves.

All of this is true and that makes it even harder to find rest and relaxation. The consequences for facing relentless challenges are bodies that are pushed to their limits. Weak minds that have not been strengthened over time will begin to falter, fizzle, and fail.

What we need is a good old-fashion time out. Time to reflect on what is important, precious, and what should be a priority. Taking a time out is not disciplinary, but it requires discipline. Self-discipline is lacking in a society that rejects personal responsibility. We need to return to a time when individuals ruled the day and lived their lives not merely survived them. How can you start living a life that is amazing? It starts with you changing you.

You must know yourself, your wants, your needs, better than anyone else. And you need to take care of those wants and needs on your own. You cannot keep waiting for the world, your neighbor, friends, or your family to take care of you. Your employer will care even less about you as they have their own problems to wrestle with. No one is watching you and no one will be there when you implode to rescue you. Especially if you pushed everyone away while you sought solitude.

During times of struggle, the strong (minded) will be the ones to survive. They are the ones who will be able to look with discernment at a situation and be able to see the things that are not visible. They will hear what is not being said, see what is not being shown, and will know without the advice of another what is true. They are well practiced at seeking out the truth-of-the-matter and are able to see things from all sides and not just the side offered to them. They distrust everyone who has not proven themselves to be trustworthy. They are the natural born leaders. They are fearless, courageous, and selfless. They have been forged in fire. They have resolve to press on when others fall by the wayside. They are the one who stands at the door protecting everyone behind them. They run toward the fight while others run away.

If you are not this type of person, find someone who is. Don't criticize their ruthless nature, learn from it. If you are weak, learn how to strengthen your resolve. If you can't see what they see, don't reject their perspective, but rather challenge it and see if you can see life through their eyes. They are not perfect, but they have perfect intent. For, these are the few brave souls whom angles sing about, God praises, and they will inherit the kingdom of heaven.

"So you are no longer a slave, but a son; and since you are a son, you are also an heir through God."


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