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Society Of One

Earlier this week I wrote about splitting and how this coping mechanism is becoming popular as a means for individuals to avoid consequences for their poor choices. I learned yesterday that this is becoming so popular with teens and pre-teens that there is an APP available to keep it all organized. You can record your wants, preferences, and the behaviors of each of your personalities, called "members," while remaining in control of them all within the individual's "system." So, now people can be "plurals" and keep track of what each member is doing and share their stories with their "friends". Each member of the plural society have equal "voting rights" as to decision making (should we get a haircut?) within the system.

Oh brother! This sounds like a lot of work to just avoid life by augmenting reality. In a world where no one is happy, has no ability to be content, this is the ultimate method for blame shifting responsibility I've ever seen.

But what happens when this trend stops, and all your friends have quit playing the "game" and you can't quit? What happens when you've gone so far away from reality that you can't find your way back? And how does all this avoidance of living life make you more capable to handle the things that life throws at you? It doesn't. This app will ultimately destroy your ability to live in the world because the world you've created is so much better.

But, what if you could take all the components of yourself, all the members of this plural society and integrate them into a society-of-one? What if all these characters could achieve those same wants, wishes, and dreams that have become goals to achieve instead of life to avoid? What if the wants of one aspect of your personality could be accomplished by the talents of another part of you? What if you could encourage the positive efforts and accomplishments while you also advise against the negative thinking of yourself? But all these things are happening simultaneously in your own mind and is under your own control. What would the benefit of this be? You would be living your life in reality, capable of doing all these things, within your control, within your ability to receive accolades, awards, and encouragement from those around you and not just from those members within you.

In order to live in this plural society based in an alternative reality you must ignore and avoid the reality of life that is going on around you. Isolation, depression, and despair are the feelings you'll experience when you realize that real life does not resemble the life you've created for you, by you. Where will you go from there? I warn you, don't play this game. It is dangerous, deceptive, and destructive to your mental health and well-being.

You are a complex human being like none other, uniquely gifted, unique to even your cellular level. When you try to tear that apart to recreate yourself according to your own standards, or to appease others, you will fall short of the wonderful possibilities awaiting you. Be the best version of YOU you can be.


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