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I have never wanted more to say good-bye to yesteryear more than I did 2020. This morning dawns a new era and I pray it will be a better year than the prior one. I fear it may look very much like the year we just left behind as the battles we face continue and the consequences to our livelihoods and children have not fully been realized. The largest consequence we will have to deal with will the loss of lives stolen by Covid and those given away to suicide, addiction, abuse, and abandonment.

The mental health challenges our children are experiencing were man made. Because of the pandemic, families were forced together in a prison of their own making. All sense of safety and security was removed from our children's lives and they are left feeling terrified and traumatized. As a society we need to stop spreading the fear and start spreading hope. Parents need to provide a safe place for their children in their home and return to it being a place of joy. We all need a mental health reboot and stop living in survival mode.

This year, I will be offering hope and healing through a free program, More Than Surviving, that will help you reset your life for a better, healthier, and happier future. Every week of the year you will be given tools I provide to my clients and teach in our training center. These tools will help you identify what motivates you, what challenges you, and what you need to change in order to find healing from your past so you can have a better future.

Email me ( to join the group and start building your pathway to healthy living in 2021.


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