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They Struggle

Every morning I check my emails and find dozens of requests to help children who are struggling with anxiety and depression. As young as 3 years old, parents are striving to find help for their kids. The family is the real victim of Covid-19 yet they get little if any help at all. Why?

Why are we not talking about the parents who were forced overnight to become teachers as schools shut down?

Why are we not talking about the 40% of students who are failing trying to distance learn?

Why are we not talking about the rising unemployment rate as people are forced out of work?

Why are we not talking about the business owner who has lost the means of supporting his family?

Why are we not talking about the homeowner who will lose his home due to unpaid bills?

Why are we not taking about the rising cost of food, the scarcity of products, and the empty shelves?

Why are we not talking about the rising costs of homes and the impending collapse of the market?

Why are we not talking about the increase in suicides, addiction, and homelessness?

I turned on the TV looking for information for answers, but all I hear is the same old stale commentary. While researching for this Blog I found a website that actually has some suggestions to help parents homeschooling their children: Mother, baby, and child ( On this website they offer some real suggestions to parents who struggle with helping their children do school work.

I think we need to begin a new conversation that will move us away from the election and in a direction of hope and recovery. A conversation that brings unity and not division. A conversation that heals. We need to focus on those who struggle and not just on those who are counted by testing. Bring truth back to the discussion. Bring hope into the home. Bring life back for the living, because, we all struggle.


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