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Think Healing

When I teach people how to find balance, I show them how to strive for a mind, body, spirit sense of balance. This is not a new concept and has been taught by scholars, teachers, and philosophers from the beginning of time. The concept of Cognitive Behavioral Theory is rooted in how we think and our thoughts will determine how we feel. If you focus on negative thoughts, your emotions will believe what you are thinking and will support the unconscious thinking. Your body confirms the truth that your mind has presented and your emotions will respond where all three are in sync. You think it, your body absorbs it, and your emotions reflect and enforce it. Over time, the mind begins to ruminate on the negative thoughts, cycling through the body and emotions and habits develop. Eventually, your body responds to triggers in the environment and without even being aware of the cause, you have a panic attack. When your body has more power over your brain you can feel helpless, depressed, and discouraged.

In this video, Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches us how stress and trauma "turns on the survival gene" and can cause illness. When we are stressed we open ourselves up to getting sick and in a world where we are focused on the cause and effects of illness, he offers that we can think our way to healing. Through meditation we can focus our brains to attract healthy gene responses that will result in a healthier body and emotional response that is rooted in love instead of fear. Change the way you think and everything else will follow. What you think is truth to your body and emotions, even if it's a fantasy and untrue. This is why dreams feel so real and fear has so much power over us.

"You can learn and change in a state of suffering,

or you can learn and change in a state of joy and inspiration."

Dr. Joe Dispenza


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