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Together We Win

Mental Health concerns have been on the rise for decades and solutions vary while the problems ever increase. It breaks my heart when the mental health of entire communities is allowed to erode in fear and shame as people like to point out the problems, but not actually fix them. There is profit to be made and those who promise change never actually have to prove change has happened. Problems that appear insurmountable are truly not, but they do require a united effort to bring about change. Success is not measured by the dollars spent on a project, but the number of lives who have benefited from the dollars. When decisions are made that focus only on profit, then the lives become secondary to financial gain.

"I prefer the dreams of the future to the memories of the past."

Thomas Jefferson

For centuries, the church has been the savior of the people. When the people were unclothed and hungry the church clothed and fed them. When they were homeless the church took them in. When they were down on their luck and out of work the church gave them a purpose and employment. When they needed hope the church gave them faith. People stood together and prayed. They ate together, they cried together, and laughed together too.

But who is the church? The people are the church.

In the founding documents of the United States you can hear the theme that "together we stand, divided we fall." There is safety in numbers where communities gather in one mind and one spirit. In this there is no confusion, no compromise, and no fear. When children are raised in this type of environment, they feel safe, they feel loved, and they feel part of something bigger than themselves. When we realize this is where our strength is the minds of our youth will be renewed, re-energized, and refreshed. Then we will see real change that is positive and filled with hope. This is when stress will decrease, depression will ease, and the mind will be still. In this place of safety one can find rest.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

Matthew 11:28 (NIV)


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