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California weather is the best. When the rest of the world faces ice storms and freezing temperatures, Californians grab our bikes or slip on our running shoes and head for the local trails. I headed toward one such trail recently and was so frustrated by my favorite trail being gated shut with a "Trail closed until further notice" sign posted on it. All I could do was sigh at yet another form of restriction that has become the 2020 norm.

Undaunted, I turned around and instead of heading home I went in search of another trail I could explore. The hills where I live are covered in hiking trails and soon I was peddling my bike down a new pathway. Sometimes in life, we can run into barriers and roadblocks and instead of giving up we must turn and find a different pathway. We must explore all possibilities, turn every corner, and flip over every stone if we are ever going to find what we are looking for. Like a dog with a bone we must chew diligently searching for the tasty marrow within. When every morsel of good is more difficult to find the rewards of tanasity are often more sweet.

So when you run into difficulty find a way to go around it, over it, under it, or through it. Because, like Bruce Springsteen says, "Honey tramps like us; baby, we were born to run."



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