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Two Wrongs

I have never understood how anyone could justify their actions against an innocent victim and blame someone else for their actions.

-A father harms a child and blames the mother for making him angry.

-A rapist assaults a young woman and testifies that "she wanted it rough."

-A drunk driver sues a bar that let him drink too much and he got a DUI.

-A murder gets arrested and blames it on his upbringing.

-An assassin kills police officers and he blames all police for his hurt feelings.

Yesterday, two police officers where shot and one died in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Sunday, two more police were shot in St. Lewis. Last week 2 Sheriff Deputies were ambushed in Los Angeles and they all are being justified as the assassin's right to be angry because of perceived racial injustices in America. But when did two wrongs ever make anything right?

There are ways to get your point across that do not involve destroying the lives and livelihoods of innocent people. Death, murder, and mayhem are not tools to be used to bring justice or peace. People out of control have no right to make demands on society. Bullies are just bullies and should be ashamed of their behaviors. The problem is no one is holding them accountable for their behaviors and they are even being encouraged and paid to behave badly. I heard a news commentator say today that if the police are removed from the streets vigilantes will fill the void. Regular citizens will take up their own methods of protecting themselves against the onset of anarchy. There has been rumors of a civil war brewing for the past 20 years and this may be the desired future of those who would tear America apart.

If you are a prayerful person, get on your knees and pray to God that he brings healing to our land.

If you don't believe in God then stand for peace.

If you are the one doing the damage and stealing, realize that you are a pawn being used by those who want to enslave you and take away your rights along side those who you are hurting. You think you are making a difference that will benefit your future? It's sad how easily you are being manipulated by those who are using you to do their evils.

During WWII, when Germany surrendered the concentration camps were abandoned by the enemy in order to avoid being arrested. The Jews who murdered their own people in order to save their own lives were murdered by the evacuating Germans. Similarly today, just because you are doing the thugs' work for them does not make you "one of them" and they will not protect you. You will not be able to escape the tyranny you are demanding against others. You are tearing apart all of the protections that would protect you and when they are removed and you look around, who will come to your aid? There won't be anyone there. Those who tell you that you have a right to be angry and destroy your cities and towns are laughing at you. They are not focused on fixing anything from the past, they are interested in stealing your future, your livelihood, your hope, and your dreams. That's when you'll realize you destroyed your own future and nothing will save you.


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