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Women are the most terrorized, criticize, minimized, and over politicized population of the world. It’s one of the reasons women go into professions designed to care for other women. They become mental health providers, doctors, pediatricians, police officers, firefighters, teachers, and other types of service providers. It’s one reason why they create nonprofits to serve women and children. Women fought for their right to vote, to work, and for equal pay and as a result of their past efforts, women are leaders of corporations, movements, and we even have a woman today as our vice president. Women know how to take the injustices of the world and turn them every area except when it comes to protecting their sexuality.

Why are not women fighting for stricter laws to protect other women and young girls? Why do women in power use other women to promote an agenda while not doing anything to improve a woman's situation? Women's sports is one example where women have been gaining attention, earning scholarships to prestigious universities, and who can participate in the Olympics. Now, men can identify as women and destroy the all the gains women have made in one fail swoop.

Rapists now are allowed to change their a "sexual identity“ at a whim. High school age boys can rape girls in bathrooms with no consequences and get shipped off to another school where he can do it again. Where were the women on the school board standing up for the girls rights to protection? Or when a man is arrested as an adult for a rape they committed as a boy, and now "identify as a woman“ so they can be incarcerated with other young girls in Juvenile Hall, where are the women who should be marching in protest of this insanity.

What truly burns me up is how mean and insensitive women can be to other women. They use their words, their power, and their fists to cut down other women who want a better life. Women who do not fit one agenda or another are criticized publicly by other women on TV shows produced by women and made for women. Women are destroying the one of the best things about being a woman; the ability to give birth to a child. Now, men are considered able to give birth and woman are redefining childbirth comes via a"pregnant person." Women are left questioning their identity, their purpose, and their right to protect themselves and their children. Women in power use the frailty and power of women for their own benefits, while women are being murdered in the streets, thrown in front of subway trains, and shot on the front lawns of their homes.

When others can get you to question your role in life as a woman, in your marriage, to your children, to your employer, to your parents, your friends, even to yourself, they can manipulate you into believing anything about yourself and those around you. When you don’t know what you believe, only what you are told, you will believe anything. Knowing yourself first is the beginning of establishing who you are. If you believe you are unworthy you will do things that are on worthy to support that belief. If you believe you are unlovable, you will do things to ensure that no one loves you. If you believe you are stupid, you will never try to learn. If you believe you are mentally ill, you will crawl around on the ground instead of stand on your feet. What you believe to be true is the foundation of who you are. What do you believe?


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