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I am baffled at the way the world has turned upside down; where what is right is wrong, what is good is evil, and where daily human interaction has become unconscionable.

The 20-year anniversary of September 11 is just days away. For those of you too young to recall what that time was like, I remember the morning well. I was glued to the TV watching two commercial planes crash into Twin Towers. Plumes of smoke and ash covered the city chasing men, women, and children down the center of the streets as they ran for their lives. I remember another plane crashing into an open field where brave men and women sacrificed their lives to save others. A fourth airplane hit the Pentagon killing so many more innocent people. Many of us gathered to cry, pray, and scream at the television sets that mercilessly replayed the images over and over again. Songs on the radio spoke of American pride and unity as a nation prepared to respond. Unanimously, our government came together as one as we entered into war. Men and women across America stood and raised their hands volunteering to fight for the country they loved. We were one nation united under God. When did we quit being Americans, quit having hope, quit living in faith, and quit being united?

I can't help but ask questions that have no answers:

How can we force Americans to take a vaccine to save lives against Covid, yet leave hundreds of abandoned Americans in Afghanistan who may face certain death?

How can we turn our backs on America's homeless veterans and give immigrants housing in resort Air-B&B facilities?

How can we ignore the addiction explosion and encourage the ignorance of others who attempt to pay addicts to stay clean and sober?

How can we focus on racial injustice of the past while ignoring the abuse of the present?

How can we tear down statutes and claim it as righteous, while homicide rates soar, homelessness grows unabated, and the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?

How can we prioritize animal rights and give unborn children no human rights at all?

How can we rebuild America back better by destroying America?

None of those military personnel who died during the final stages of leaving Afghanistan should have died. Their families should not be mourning the loss of their sons and daughters, and we should not be feeling as angry as we are. But sadly, we hurt for those lost and those who remain still fighting for their lives with no help in sight. This video has no sound ( but it speaks volumes to honor the fallen. It brings tears to my eyes and a tightness to my chest as my mind replays the word, "Why?" I don't have an answer other than, "Only God knows." I do know that if we are called as a nation to once again rise up against those who would attack us, there will be many who will raise their aging hands and say, "Here am I Lord, send me."


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