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Unique Potential

God creates everyone uniquely. Not everyone has the same gifts or talents as everyone else. It's our uniqueness that makes us special and brings different levels of success. Those who have not found their unique potential may not be as successful as others, but it is not due to limitations others have placed on them. It is because they have not found or developed their particular gifting or skill to its full potential.

Michael Jordan died of a heart attack, but it was his life as a basketball businessman and NBA professional basketball player that is his legacy. Koby Bryant also died, but his legacy is similar to Jordan in that he was both businessman and professional athlete. Koby also was known for his dedication to his family. Why is it we can appreciate dedication and effort when it applies to sports, but we don't see success as something to strive for in other areas of life?

If someone wants to be successful at a career, education, or as a parent they must work just as hard as a professional athlete in order to become successful. The only difference is the money and fame may not measure up. You won't get free clothes, or a shoe named after you. You won't have interviews on TV or have your story listed in search engines. But to your coworkers and employers, educators, and family who see your efforts they will not go unnoticed. To your spouse and your children, you will be legendary if you work hard to become one. Everyone has unique potential, but it will remain your unrealized potential unless you work to develop it. You determine your level of success not anyone else. No one can keep you down if you want to soar for the clouds. If you believe and pursue your success you just might reach and maybe even exceed your unique potential.


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