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War Zone

I'm angry. This morning my heart sank when I read this headline: "Uvalde, Texas school shooting: Democrats demand gun control, curse Republicans: 'F--- your prayers'." I was angry at this headline because the proposed solutions are the same proposed solutions that we hear every time there is a shooting; laws for more gun control. The problem with this solution is that only law abiding citizens follow laws. Killers don't care about your laws and will do as they want and they get away with breaking the laws we have because they are not enforced.

The problem isn't gun control, it's that those who have the power don't seek to solve the problem. These school shootings could be resolved or mitigated if politicians asked law enforcement how to solve the problem. The political leaders know the solutions would end school shootings so why don't they follow the advice? As someone who worked both in law enforcement and mental health, I can tell you the problem isn't the legally owned gun. It's the crazed person who uses a gun to commit crimes and murders. Laws don't stop crazy people, and laws not enforced don't benefit anyone.

So many people are sick and tired of nothing being done to protect our children. Children are the most vulnerable population and those who should be protecting them are being prevented from keeping them safe. When will we focus on America's children, crime, and homicides that have exploded over the past couple years? Why do we care more about wars abroad and we won't solve the wars in our own cities? Children are being attacked mentally, psychologically, emotionally, and physically including murder. What will it take to wake up parents to the fact that their children are not safe?

Pray. Pray often and without ceasing, but prayer alone will not solve the problems. Action is required. Parents need to start taking responsibility for the protection of their children. The schools won't protect them. Law Enforcement can't protect them. Politicians refuse to protect them and use their deaths for promoting their agenda. We live in a war zone and the carnage is all around us. When will we stop raising our fists and pounding podiums and join in the battle toward establishing peace? I don't care about your words. I care about what you are going to do. Will you use your anger for good, or waste it on useless words?

"A fool always loses his temper,

But a wise person holds it back."

Proverbs 29:11 NASB


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