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We Rise Up

Therapists, military, and first responders can experience this in the line of duty when they witness death and destruction and have limited ability to effect change. Their emotional capabilities become overwhelmed and they begin to shut down. America as a whole is experiencing compassion fatigue. The degree of stress and fear that has been plagued us over the past year has taken its tole. It must come to an end if we are to have any hope for the future. People are fighting to get out of the emotional fog-bank that has been pressing down on our minds and our hearts. Recently there has been a lot of discussion about people rebelling against laws and travel mandates as the masses fight against harsher restrictions. This is what happens when normal people experience compassion fatigue. Yes, we are a compassionate people and the fact that we were willing to suffer so that others could live is evident of the degree of unity we have for one another. But, the suffering must end.

Decisions have consequences and those consequences are exacerbated by ongoing shut-downs. After 8 months we have the science to show shut-downs do more harm than help.

  • Forty percent of California's youth are failing courses due to school closures and forced distance learning.

  • Four percent of homeowners are 90+ days behind in their mortgage payments due to work closures.

  • 1451 suicides have occurred this year during the pandemic.

  • Addiction and homelessness are surging out of control.

  • Mental Health services are overwhelmed by parents calling for help for their children and the system is unable to meet the demand.

We the people are forced to comply with waiting...for what? There has been no clear directions given, no plan of action that has a positive outcome, only more of the same is prescribed. Albert Einstein said, "Insanity is the definition of doing the same thing hoping for different results." I think America is realizing this in insane. The mind can only take so much grief and loss. We grieve for the loss of life but we must come to a place of acceptance that death is a consequence of living. Depression results when we are unable to move on from grieving the past and must stay stuck. We must be given a chance to live our lives to the fullest with eyes looking forward with hope and a plan. This is the prescription for saving the life of our future.

As a people we are stronger than our challenges and have shown our resilience time and time again. We must press into the truth seeking the means to overcome challenges and pursue new solutions. This is what makes America different from any other country. The American people will not put up with being put down for very long. We will rise and be stronger because of it; if we are but given a chance to rise.

"As we express our gratitude,

we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words,

but to live by them."

– John Fitzgerald Kennedy


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