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WTF (fuel)

There are decades where nothing happens and weeks where decades happen.

When I heard that the Green New Deal wouldn't have to be forced upon people because they would voluntarily give up their gas automobiles, I was skeptical. Then gas prices soared and I'm paying $180 a fill-up. I heard that within the next 8 years all gas stations will be converted away from gas and my vehicle will become a lawn ornament.

Last year when I learned natural gas was being shut off and to expect higher prices this winter for heating my home, I thought, "How bad can it get"? I thought I could control the costs by decreasing my usage, so I only run my heater a couple hours a day and turn it off at night (during peak hours). Then I got today's gas bill, and I was shocked at the increase. Only 4 months ago I paid less than $25 a month for my gas. Today, my bill is $173.55, triple the cost of last month's gas bill. WTF????

Last week I heard they are coming for my gas stove, my gas furnace, and my gas fireplace and I'm not allowed to burn firewood to stay warm. All this is done in the name of decreasing carbon emissions. This means more than half the homes in America will soon be without heat, unable to prepare food on their stove, and they will be taking a lot of cold showers. I also heard that your Bar-B-Q will be next to check off as more non-electric items are outlawed.

Prior to the 1850's the world's energy source was Whale Oil. Then Edwin Drake began drilling and oil became the world's choice for energy. Today, the world is being forced toward another form of energy-Electric. The problem is people are scrambling to figure out how to live and survive in a world that cuts off resources before we have the ability to acquire the means to change. New electric pumps are replacing the gas pumps in gas stations and electric charging pads may soon be replacing the "dots" on the roadways. The powers to be say, "By 2030" all will change, but I believe that will be the end of the changes that are being pressed upon us currently. Those who will survive will be the wealthy who can afford today to plan for the future. Everyone else? I can only pray we are able to prepare for a very cold and uncertain future. Plan for tomorrow by gathering around you family and friends today.

"Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share."

1 Timothy 6:18


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