February 17, 2020

How did we get "President's Day?" I mean, I remember celebrating two president's birthday's as a kid, George Washington (February 17) and Abraham Lincoln (February 12). So why did we lump them into one day? And who are we celebrating when the celebration is just "Presidents" in general. Are we supposed to have a parade, or fireworks, or...gee I can't recall anything celebratory about Presiden...

February 15, 2020

Have you ever noticed how radiant a woman is when she's pregnant? Her eyes sparkle, her nails grow long and strong, and her hair is thicker and shines more. Everything about her speaks of beautiful simplicity, elegance, and joy.

Many stories in the Bible reflect the wisdom of women and their hard labors of love. I think of Ester who saved a nation at the risk of her life. I consider Ruth...

February 14, 2020

My youth was filled with pain and uncertainty. I had big dreams that were crushed by my reality. I looked at life through the lens of television of missed opportunities and love that I yearned for and thought I'd never find. Then a miracle happened--and her name is Christina (pictured on her pony).

I remember the day I drove to the OBGYN's of