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Murrieta, Riverside, Corona

Vicki Coffman

Vicki is the Founder of Encouragers Counseling & Training Centers, Inc.  She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has over 25 years experience working as an advocate for victims of crime including: domestic violence, rape, child abuse, adolescent conduct disorders, and working with the criminally insane. She has been a courtroom professional expert on the topic of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for victims of rape, and currently works with Veterans, Victims of Crime, and First Responders with PTSD.


Over the years Vicki has conducted trainings for law enforcement personnel and mental health clinicians regarding the effects of Post Traumatic Stress on victims of rape, domestic violence, and terrorist threats. Through the development of Encouragers Counseling and Training Centers Inc., Vicki teaches Biblical principles with psychological approaches to pre-licensed Trainees and Interns who then can reach out to many communities who cannot afford Mental Health services due to finances, but whose needs are more than an unlicensed lay-person can provide.

Currently, Vicki is working to develop programs to address the homeless problem exacerbated by missing links in the addiction community, veteran affairs, and the foster care system.  

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