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Saviors Away

Today is, "Women's Equality Day" and women all over the world have their eyes on what is happening in Afghanistan. I just learned three pregnant women were rescued during the evacuation efforts from the Kabul airport. One woman gave birth to a baby girl and named her daughter REACH after the name of the military airplane where she was born. This is one blessing amongst a chaotic crisis where women and children are in danger of harm and even death if they are not rescued before the August 31 exit date.

There are many private organizations working hard to collect and bring home Americans and our allies before that end date set by the Taliban. Many have said the withdrawal efforts will result in leaving Americans and allies abandoned and on their own at the mercy of terrorists. I'm proud to share a humanitarian effort between three nonprofit organizations combined to put planes in the air and boots on the ground. SAVE OUR ALLIES is a joint effort of Mighty Oaks, No One Left Behind, and The Independence Fund making efforts to reduce as many people as they can as quickly as they can. They need your help in this as the situation is very dangerous, they are putting themselves in harm's way, and under threat of suicide bombings, they still press on with their mission:

"This is a humanitarian crisis of biblical magnitudes and the efforts done to save innocent Afghans by governments and individuals across the region and globe has been heroic."

Go to their website ( and donate if you can, pray for their safety, and spread the word of their plight. Time is running out.


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