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Be The Change

Have you noticed that everyone seems to be angry these days? And those who are not angry are fearful and concerned about what will come next. I don't know what the answer is to solving racial, financial, or educational disparity, or why some people assimilate to be successful and others don't. Like a firestorm that gains ground and destroys everything in in path, the solutions could be worse than the problems and only time will reveal if the changes have been beneficial or total disasters. I would like to see more people be successful, have jobs they enjoy, and become the best they can be. I honestly believe the outpouring of support from the community is a desire to help make changes for a

When Learners Become Leaders

I have been a learner my whole life and I plan to continue to learn for the rest of my life. No one is making me learn, and yet, what I learn I can pass on to others who desire to learn. When I was prompted to build a counseling and training center to help therapists in training as well as provide affordable mental health services to the underserved populations of Southern California, it truly was a leap of faith. I had no training of how to develop a non-profit, no helpers, and no guidance. So where did I go to learn? Books. In his well publicized book, Developing the Leaders Around You," John Maxell explains his methods for raising up leaders in an organization. One statement he made in th

Fallout or Faith

How about some fresh air, something positive, and maybe even a little hope for those who are feeling hopeless. Tracy Steffen from 100 Women Who Care Temecula Valley has been instrumental in helping Encouragers Counseling & Training Centers provide low cost and even free mental health services to low income families in Temecula and Riverside County (check out their facebook page). She also brought our Scholarship program to the attention of the Schultz Family Foundation, ( and Tracy presented Encouragers Counseling & Training Centers with a check for $2400.00 in addition to the $4800.00 100 Women Who Care Temecula Valley donated. 100% of this money goes to

Planting Seeds; Good Deeds

Have you ever walked through a field of newly blooming flowers? All of your senses are brought to life as you smell the fragrance, feel the flora between your fingertips, and the sight of the depth and width of it brings joy to one's spirit. It is a place where one can feel close to nature. Listen to the buzzing bees and startle at the small creatures that scurry away at the sound of your foot steps. If you are lucky, you'll find a fallen tree trunk to sit on and closing your eyes you'll feel the warm sun kiss your face. Ahhh, that's what I call peace. Very seldom do we wonder what it took to create a beautiful field of wildflowers. But, if you are a gardener of any sort, you know how diffic


The world appears to be falling apart. The stresses that began with the Covid-19 pandemic still linger even while as a society we are desperate to return to some resemblance of normality. Work slow downs have created huge financial strains on families and individuals, parents and college students are in a holding pattern as they wait for public schools and Universities to figure out what classes in the fall will look like. People are demonstrating for justice and demanding police reforms while chaos and riots dominate the nightly news. All this negativity is creating anxiety and depression in so many people because their worlds are being rocked and they have lost their footing and are emotio

Bucket of Love

"We set our standards so high that even our flaws were considered excellent." Debbie Fields (Mrs.Fields Cookies) This is a time of reevaluation. We are watching our country and our world rapidly change and many are feeling confused, conflicted, and concerned about what everything will look like when the demonstrations subside and decisions are made. Many are fearful of the unknown consequences of change and many more will be wondering if the changes are enough. One thing for certain is change is coming. So, what can we do now while we are waiting for the pathway to change to be cleared? We can elevate the standards by which we live by. Have you ever considered that you have personal standard

Simple Pleasures

Recently I heard on a podcast someone say, "Despise not the day of small beginnings." I don't know why but that sentence resinated with me. I think we all can get caught up in the negativity of today and this can result in emotional deregulation (anger, depression, anxiety) and it can lead to unhealthy coping such as isolation and addictive behaviors. Often we can snap at each other when we are pushed to the breaking point, and often we quit listening because of the negative tapes of the past that pour in unconsciously when we are fatigued. When we get worn down our emotions get worn down as well. We need a break and we often do whatever it takes to get it. I recently heard someone who is ex

Natural Delights

What a beautiful flower. I love the deep purple, the multi-toned greens in the leaves and even the flecks of white in the dew. I bet if I could smell it, I would inhale fragrant floral smells that would tickle my nose and make my heart feel renewed. But if I look at the board behind it I might see imperfections, discoloration, and damaged wood. The scars on the boards might represent years of exposure, termites, or water damage. Both are beautiful to me. Both are unique and display beauty in a different way. Both have their place in the photo and they bring depth, contrast, and clarity. I look at people the same way. There are scars, imperfections, and rough edges. We have soft, colorful te

Leading Inspiration

The answer to violence is not more violence. Anger over the death of George Floyd and the resulting riots are causing more pain. It's one thing to come together to speak out against the wrongful actions of anyone, and it's also wrong to justify the killing of another innocent person as an act of retaliation. Why is the first response to unlawful violence more unlawful violence? We should let our leaders know there needs to be change and there should be leaders leading the pathway toward change. Martin Luther King, Jr said that riots were a way to be heard. But the message is getting lost because of the actions of criminals. In 1992, I was called to go to Los Angeles during the Rodney King ri

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