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Better Together

Recently, a friend of mine shared his position on the current events of today. As an African-American living during these times of uncertainty he said, "We do so much better when we come together. We are all better together. Why can't we come together and make everyplace better?" He continued, "It bothers me when people on the street won't even say hello and they avoid eye contact. We should try to help someone in need, and help them out." It brought to my mind a time when America stood together. Sunday, May 25, 1986, approximately 5 to 6.5 million people held hands for fifteen minutes to show unity by forming a human chain (symbolically) across the United States (

Disastrous Results

We are in some pretty troubling times. Some of the solutions are creating more mental health problems than ever before. There are two populations who are not being properly considered: the children and the addict. Corona Virus has created problems for parents who are forced to keep their healthy children home fearing they may catch a disease, and addicts are not seeking treatment solutions because of fears they might also be exposed and die. Both groups silently suffer as their voices are being drowned out by the political and editorial commentators who have limited vision and focus. The CDC discusses this in an article called "Caring for children in a disaster, "After any traumatic event, c

All Together Now

Have you been gathering with friends and family over the internet? I've been doing so many trainings, meetings, and social presentations on mental health since the Covid-19 pandemic drove us all indoors-my head is spinning...literally. If you are noticing you are getting migraines and headaches mid-way through your day you may be unaware of how much time you are spending on your computer. Consider this... If you used to work in an office setting, how much of your time on the computer was interrupted by phone calls, impromptu office meetings, and colleagues walking in to interrupt your thoughts? All of those interruptions gave your eyes and mind time to refocus on something other than the pul

Inculcated into the Ethos

What? This statement was sent via email to employers by a company offering ways to bring mental health training to the workplace. Dang, I feel stupid. I had to look up the terms "inculcated" and "ethos." This is what I found... The online dictionary defines: inculcate | inˈkəlˌkāt, ˈinkəlˌkāt | verb [with object] instill (an attitude, idea, or habit) by persistent instruction: the failures of the churches to inculcate a sense of moral responsibility. Or as the online Thesaurus says: inculcate verb; the beliefs inculcated in him by his father: instill in, implant in, fix in, impress in, imprint in; hammer into, drum into, drive into, drill into. The online dictionary defines: ethos | ˈēTHäs |

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Encouragers is bridging the gap between those who are hurting and those who are bringing help and healing. In 1970, Simon & Garfunkel wrote a song called "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and their album received the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. In America, we are witnessing many raging waters that have breached the banks of humanity and pain is flowing unabated. Anxiety over Covid-19 and the reopening of America has people on edge, anxious, and feeling out of control and depressed. The Mental Health pandemic has been gaining momentum for the past few years with numbers of homeless and the addicted increasing and availability of mental health services shrinking. We at ECTC want to change a

Wanna Be

When you die, who do you wanna be remembered as? Do you desire your children and your spouse to think kindly of you and cry tears of gratitude for all the fond memories they shared with you? Do you hope your siblings will speak of tender moments you shared growing up together? Do you wish for the seats of the chapel to be filled with many friends and coworkers who share a teary smile with others they are meeting for the first time? Will they be touched as they look around at the gathering of love shared in remembrance of your life? If this is your desire for the end of your life, what are you doing today to ensure that will happen? What will your legacy be about? Will it be the photo of you

Truth Of The Matter

I love this sign. Someone sent the photo to me in a TEXT and I instantly wish it was on a sign I could hang on our wall at our counseling centers. It speaks volumes about how you can expect to be treated by my staff and my team. Signs, Hallmark cards, posters, banners, and T-Shirts can express our best intentions in life, but if we don't walk the walk and talk the talk our hopes can fall flat at the door of our intentions. Who we are speaks louder than who we want to be and sometimes we scream this truth at the ones in our lives whom we love the most. No one else knows how broken we are as well as we know ourselves. Unfortunately, often the case is that we don't know how broken we are. We ha

Anger Managed

Last week I was driving along the 91 freeway at the 215 intersection when two police cars stopped all traffic. Apparently there was someone who was threatening to jump off the overpass. We sat for an hour as negotiations experts, fire department personnel, and motorists all waited. I don't know what the outcome was as eventually traffic opened up and we were allowed to exit the freeway. Later in the week I met with non-profit leaders in the Temecula Valley who expressed frustration over all the challenges that have resulted from Covid-19 shut downs, businesses closing, and donor support dwindling. One person tearfully expressed frustration that they were ready to throw in the towel and clo

Revolution of Hope

Happy 4th of July...wait a it the 4th? How would we know? I mean there's no scheduled fireworks demonstrations, no place to gather with friends for a cocktail, no backyard BBQ's with family and friends from the neighborhood. None of the big stores are having their 4th of July sales, no restaurants are taking reservations because there are no lines of people waiting for a table. When I was a kid, the 4th of July meant an opportunity to gather at home and with neighbors for a BBQ and entertainment after dark. Fireworks stands were set up 2 weeks in advance to sell boxes of fireworks. We would fork out the cash (they were not cheep) and take them home to blow up (literally) in our b

Noble Human Spirit

I love poetry. I love both the poets of the past and contemporary poets. Recently I learned of Poet and well known author and civil rights activist, Dr. Maya Angelou (1928–2014). I found her on Youtube and enjoyed listening to this published (1978) poem called, "Still I rise" (video attached). I read how Dr. Angelou's poetry was an inspiration to many who embraced the words while they underwent Chemotherapy for cancer, felt depressed, or were dealing with personal struggles. I loved her phrase, "nobleness of the human spirt" and have heard others speak of a need to return to a place of nobility. "Everyone in the world has gone to bed one night or anther with fear, or pain, or loss, or disapp

Sweat Equity

The effects of Coronavirus has caused such an upheaval to society in ways previously unheard of. Not only are people suffering from the mental stress and strain of adjusting to masks, employment loss, and Stay Home Orders, but financially people are feeling stressed over their bills that are piling up and the possibility of losing their homes. There is a saying, "The only thing that stays consistent is change." Years ago I wanted to change my financial life and took a class called, Financial Peace University through my church. I fell in love with Dave Ramsey's Total Money Make Over approach to getting out of debt (

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