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Beauty Within

When will we stop listening to marketing campaign lies that manipulate the vulnerable while they focus on profit. Why are we so gullible and blindly accept what we are told is truth?

As an example of how our weaknesses work against us, look at the photo to the left. The photo identifies SOME of the daily toxins women put on their face, hair, and body every day to look more beautiful, more tan, and to stay young looking. These products cost hundreds and thousands of dollars a year and do more harm to your health than you realize. Yet women everywhere spend all their money on make-up, nails, and hair because they don't see the beauty within.

Your skin is your largest organ and the toxins you put on it go into your body and show up in illnesses including cancer and organ damage. Yet, there are no warning label requirements on any of the products you purchase. Sunscreen products have many unhealthy ingredients and it blocks the good nutrients the sun provides from entering our bodies. The sun’s UVB rays activates cholesterol in the skin, which in turn provides the energy for the synthesis of vitamins D and E. We become deficient in these natural vitamins and turn toward artificial (over the counter) vitamins that are not as good as nature and our body eliminates through our urine. We are literally pissing our money away. I watched a documentary recently that explained when women use these products when they are trying to conceive, during their pregnancy, and after the baby is born, they may be passing down the damaging effects of these products through changes in the DNA of their child.

Recently, I read a research paper from Sydney Ross Singer, that discussed how toxins can get stored up in women's breasts may result in breast cancer. Dr. Singer explains that along the side a woman's (and men) breasts are lymph nodes designed to drain off toxins from our environment, water, and food we eat. Bras cause a kink in the lymph nodes and toxins can't be processed out of our body. The result is inflammation and overtime can result in cancer. Dr. Singer saw an increase of breast cancer was directly correlated with women wearing bras. He felt women needed to be educated on his findings and was hopeful that simply changing what women wore could potentially decrease breast cancer in America. Unfortunately, when he tried to publish his findings he ran into the barriers from the fashion industry who profit from the sales of bras. Sadly, profit once again takes priority over people.

Did you know your cell phone, your television, earbuds, laptop, and your router, all put out an Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) that disrupts sleep, inhibits thinking, and negatively impacts your emotions? Turning off ALL EMF before bedtime has shown to improve sleep and decrease anxiety and depression. Are your children sleeping with their phone? Are you? Do you sleep with a watch to record your sleep habits, an Apple Watch, a Fit Bit, or other devise connected to the internet? Disconnect from the internet and notice how much better you fell after just a couple nights.

So, what can we do? We must be out own best researcher, best advocate, and wisest consumer of all products we use. We must know with near certainty the choices we make, the products we put our faith in, are not causing us and our children harm.

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Mark Twain


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