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Momma and Poppa Bears

There are two worlds at war and the ones fighting are suffering in a battle not of their making. For someone who has always watched movies about war strategies and being a bit of a history buff, I compare what is happening in the home to segments of films.

It's like watching Napoleon's war strategy as he would sit astride his horse on a hill behind the battle and he would send in messengers to the ones in the fight what he wanted them to do. Seeing the lines of solders shoulder-to-shoulder marching toward the enemy who also advanced in rows toward them. Bodies dropped one-by-one as single-shots were fired from musket ruffles toward opposing lines until the last man standing determined the winner of the battle. I always thought this was insane, but I'm seeing it now with people standing toe-to-toe yelling and screaming profanities at each other hoping to cut down their opposition.

Then there's the movie "The Patriot," where a father is dragged against his will, into a war he didn't agree with, in order to defend his family, home, and country from tyranny. In that movie, Mel Gibson (playing the father) teac