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Momma and Poppa Bears

There are two worlds at war and the ones fighting are suffering in a battle not of their making. For someone who has always watched movies about war strategies and being a bit of a history buff, I compare what is happening in the home to segments of films.

It's like watching Napoleon's war strategy as he would sit astride his horse on a hill behind the battle and he would send in messengers to the ones in the fight what he wanted them to do. Seeing the lines of solders shoulder-to-shoulder marching toward the enemy who also advanced in rows toward them. Bodies dropped one-by-one as single-shots were fired from musket ruffles toward opposing lines until the last man standing determined the winner of the battle. I always thought this was insane, but I'm seeing it now with people standing toe-to-toe yelling and screaming profanities at each other hoping to cut down their opposition.

Then there's the movie "The Patriot," where a father is dragged against his will, into a war he didn't agree with, in order to defend his family, home, and country from tyranny. In that movie, Mel Gibson (playing the father) teaches his children how to fight for their lives, hiding behind trees, bobbing and weaving their way toward victory.

When I heard social media went off-line, my first reaction was, "Thank God!" I think social media is creating conflict, dividing our nation, and promoting hate crimes, and is supporting crimes against humanity. When I saw parents bringing children in for mental health services, I thought, "Thank God!" Parents for too long have been unaware that their children are depressed and anxious. When I heard workers were pushing back against the unfair treatment they were receiving, I thought, "Thank God!" I have been wondering where the American Spirit has been and now, I see American ingenuity is rising to the occasion and solutions are bubbling to the surface.

I learned a long time ago that the fall of the Roman Empire was caused by the destruction of the family. The family unit has been under attack for decades and one positive that came from the school shutdowns and business lockdowns was families were forced to spend time together. Suddenly, they saw what the children were doing on their phones all day, they saw who their friends were, they saw the social media content they were addicted to, and they realized their children were addicted to porn, vaping, and self-harm. Parents are arming up to fight for their children's lives, their future, and it looks like momma and poppa bears around the globe are saying, "Not my child!" What a great example they are being to their children who have been wanting parents to stand up for them and protect them. Children are being blessed by parents who are showing them they care, that their families come first, and that the parents will fight tooth and limb for righteousness' sake. If you want to see your child's mental health improve, YOU need to learn how to be a parent first. The children are not the problem, poor parenting is the problem. The school is not the problem, poor parenting is the problem. The political climate is not the problem, poor parenting is the problem. Society isn't the problem, again, poor parenting is the problem. If you don't know how to be a parent first and foremost, learn. Good parenting is a skill anyone can learn. It's not too late to learn. Start today, and you will be helping your children have a better tomorrow.

Tomorrow's legacy is being built by your decisions today.

The battles won are the victories remembered.


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