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America is an amazing country and unlike any other country in the world. The people are unique. The way we think, live, and challenge norms is unique as well. We are a strong nation because of the strength of our people. We all want to be better, to climb the mountain that lays before us. We just have to realize we're on different sides of the same mountain.

One side of the mountain has all the obstacles that face individuals everyday. It's the fundamental basics like having a safe home, food on the table, and freedom to be who you want to be. This is the side where community means everything and unique individualism is discouraged. This side is focused on inclusion and being part of a larger group. The motto of this side of the mountain is, "We're all better together." This side of the mountain can't see what's on the other side of the mountain.

The other side of the mountain also has obstacles. But those obstacles challenge individuals to grow beyond the basics needs of life and to think beyond the community limitations. This side has unique opportunities for the individual who wants to break out of the crowd. This is where personal growth, financial security, purpose, and hope for a better future is found. This is where leaders, inventors, dreamers, entrepreneurs, olympians, and business owners are found. This side focuses on solutions and their motto is, "I have a dream." These people were born on the other side of the mountain and left the group in search of something more. They walked around the mountain and found other individuals seeking a faster rout to the top of the mountain. They were willing to do whatever it took to get to the top of the mountain the fastest. As they climbed they realized less and less people were willing to risk leaving their community behind. Only a few reached the top of the mountain and many of. those individuals are reaching over the top to help those on the other side.

Some people would say we are a nation polarized by political party lines. But both parties have communities and individuals who live on both sides of the mountain. Both sides require courage. Both sides want to strive toward the top. One side wants to climb individually, one side wants to climb collectively. Both sides have value. Let us never forget that both sides are uniquely American.


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