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Women Soldiers

I have a ton of pride for our women soldiers. Those who wear a uniform all over the United States of America and those stationed abroad who are fighting the good fight. Today, we celebrate Women's History Month and Women Veterans who are both active duty and retired. But how often do we consider the woman soldier who is also a mother, sister, daughter, or wife?

Every woman I know is fighting some battle or another. Their uniform might be white with metals on their chest or it could be blue with a badge. It could be tan and green or dark blue covered with ribbons. It could be white scrubs or it could be an ID badge dangling by a lanyard. They could be wearing jeans, skirts, or sweats, but each and every one of them is a woman soldier fighting against those who intend to do harm to others. They are fighting for their children, their husbands, partners, and friends. They are fighting to protect, defend, or change the lives of others. The enemy might look different in every situation, but they all fight for what is right in their eyes and for what they believe in their hearts.

The battles may be long and hard fought or they might be daily skirmishes with your spouse and children. Take time to strategize, but also consider what is being won and and at what cost. Yes, fight to defend principals, but make sure what you believe to be true is founded in reality and not emotionally driven. Make sure the beliefs you hold dear are rooted in truth. Ensure that you are correct in your assessments by searching for evidence that substantiates your understanding. Look before you leap, ask before you accuse, be open to listening and learning, because somewhere in there could be a better choice for a better outcome. Be prepared for battle with knowledge that is true, hope for compromise, and consider the motives of your opponent. You just might be two soldiers fighting for the same thing. Be focused on the goal which is ultimately peace. And don't eliminate living today because you're so focused on your tomorrows. Be prepared to defend, but also be prepared for peace. Seek peace first and you'll avoid many unnecessary battles. You will save you and those you love the heartaches of war.


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