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Happy Idiots Unite!

There has never been as clear a moment of understanding God's love for his creation as when I became a mother. To even grasp a small measure of God's love in comparison to the love I felt for my daughter, and continue to experience with each grandchild I am blessed to be called grandma by; I know I can not even for a mili-second compare my love to the love God has for us. All of us. I am reading "The Shack" by Wm. Paul Young which was recently made into a movie of the same name (I haven't seen it yet, but as soon as I'm done reading I will rush out to get it). In reading this beautiful book, I gained a lot of understanding of how God sees us as his children -- and what is revealed is both tr

Makes you stronger

Have you ever felt like at every turn you can't get a break? The running theme for therapy this week has been one of frustration and discouragement because people are feeling attacked at all fronts, and try as they may, they can't stop the on slot of negative consequences created by another's poor choices. Sometimes, even when you are doing everything right, things still can go terribly wrong. I love this song, "Stronger" by Mandisa. I especially love how the lyrics describe the down and out difficulties some of us can feel and experience: Hey, heard you were up all night, Thinking about how your world ain't right. And you wonder if things will ever get better. And your asking why is it alwa

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