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We are woven together by the moments we share. We were strangers only a short time ago and look at us now. This is the Encouragers difference. I love my Encouragers Team. They are amazing, gifted, caring, and loving people who have risen above personal challenges, life circumstances, and come out of the fire blessed and desiring to bless others. They have a uniqueness that is rare as precious jewels. Their laughter is music to my ears. They embrace the Encouragers philosophy to be more, so we can serve more, and not only do it with a heart of gold, but to do it with excellence in everything they do. There is a saying in the Bible that a rope made with three strands is not easily broken. In f

Rescued Love

I love horses. I own one. She is my go to when I need to relieve stress. I can bring her an apple and as I pull through the gate, her ears perk up, her eyes look my direction, and she ninnies a welcome to me. We can walk in the arena together, and she will follow behind me searching my pockets for treats and nibbling at my hands. I can sit and she will stand over me. Then she will run off towards the side of the arena in search for a blade of grass to nibble on. She brings me joy. Her name is Chancy, short for "Second Chance." She was born on a breading farm in Norco, CA. The couple who bread horses for a living were crewel. They had over 20 horses, mares and babies (foals) on a 1/2 acre lot

Killer Serve

When I was in my 20's I was a good tennis player. I was so good, I was considered "semi-pro" because I received money and gifts for winning competitions. I recall my teacher would say I needed to have a "Killer Serve" because the rest of the game was determined by the success of the first serve. So, I focused a TON on developing a killer serve. I could slice the ball and cause a side spin that always caught my opponent off guard. They would set up, ready to hit the ball after the bounce, and whoosh, it would go sideways out of their reach. The funniest serves were when I would do a back spin and the ball would bounce back toward the net and my opposition would dive in an effort to touch it b

Hero "Complex"

Everyone needs a mentor and some will look up to their mentors as heroes. Darren Hardy is a business mentor who has a website online community that measures in the millions across the country and into the world ( I came across Darren a few years back when I knew I needed some business development strategies and with the help of Darren and the wisdom of many many others, Encouragers Counseling & Training Centers, Inc. was built. One thing that I've learned as a police officer, and now as a therapist, is that not everyone wants a mentor and even fewer people have a hero in their life to look up to. The term "Hero" for me means a rescuer. Look at all the heroes in t


This weekend I was blessed to have two very good reminders of how much your past can impact your future. Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending Inspire Life Skills ( 14th annual Gala called, "Behind the Mask." Founder Kristi Perez saw a problem and worked to find a solution. Inspire's goal is "to create a safety net for emancipated foster youth while they transition into young adults and to help them break the cycle of abuse and poverty of their past." One of those helped by Inspire shared her pains of the past and how bright her future looks now. Her choice to not remain a victim of her past has made it possible for her to live a life of courage

Live As If

A client of mine recently shared he is discovering a sense of purpose for his life. He described it as being, "Just beyond my grasp," like a small flicker of hope for a better life, a life he was meant to live. He quoted famous basketball icon Lebron James saying, "I'd rather fail being myself than fail being someone else." So, of course I had to look up other quotes of Lebron and learned he speaks very positive on the subject of hard work, success, and living your best life. When did living to be your best self only apply to sports figures and famous people? We get inspired watching the Olympics and even cry over stories of strangers who overcame difficulty to rise to greatness in a sportin

Heart Disease

Reports of heart disease are on the rise. People are suffering from underdeveloped heart muscles that are laying to waste as atrophy is setting in. There is a simple cure that has been shows to be 100% effective, but the cure is rare to find. Consequently, people are dropping dead in their tracks, grabbing their hearts, and settling into quiet despair. I'm not talking about a disease that is caused by a virus or airborne toxins. It won't show up on a heart monitor or electrocardiogram (ECG). No nutritional or environmental changes will improve this disease. So, what is it? Rejection. What's the cure? Love. Rejection is one of the most harmful emotions someone can feel. People will ruminate o

Unspoken Prayers

Do you remember where you were on September 11, 2001? I was at Twin Towers. No, not the famous Twin Towers that was destroyed by terrorists. I was working at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles. But hearing there was an attack on Twin Towers was surreal. I watched helplessly with the rest of the world as two airplanes purposefully crashed into those towers and moments later, they completely collapsed. For days and weeks following the attacks I was like a caged animal. Word of first responders assembling from around the country and several of my friends and coworkers used their vacations to rush to assist in any way they could. The best of the Los Angeles Sheriff Department

Make a Decision!

Every decision made has a consequence, maybe more than one. The consequences of a good decision, a good law, a good home, good career, or a good life results in positive consequences of peace, joy, safety, and an amazing legacy. Conversely, the consequences of a poor decision can lead to pain, heartache, and regret. But what about the consequences that fall on us because of the decisions of others? When you end up divorced because your spouse had an affair, or when a coworker steals and you're out of a job because your company is forced to close. The consequences for decisions made by parents often fall onto their children and can have long term negative effects. Often, those children grow

Tribal Call

Women are not designed to live in isolation. They have social needs that can not be met by their children, their parents, their husbands or significant others. Girls need girlfriends. The word "tribe" has become a current trend when talking about a network of friends or colleagues with common beliefs and perspectives. Churches have catered to the Christian "tribe" of women for centuries as they offer support groups and retreats designed to address women's particular needs. The perfect time to find a tribe of women is to look for a women's retreat near you. You can find a retreat in almost every city, every faith community, on almost every weekend from early Spring to late Fall. For women who

Roaring Success

Life challenges us all. No one gets through life without a little scaring and a little pain. Everyone who is breathing must make decisions that are difficult and could have risk involved. But what if risk could be fun? One of my clients who had unique difficulties put it this way, "Life is risky. I'm looking forward to the risk. I'm looking at risk more positively. The only way we learn is by making mistakes. I've learned that and I'm teaching my daughter now." Famous motivational speaker Tony Robbins has a Netflix video called, I AM NOT YOUR GURU. In that video Tony shares about his intensive workshops. A portion of the video brings goosebumps to my arms and tears to my eyes every time I wa

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