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What is “Co-appreciatious?” It’s a word I made up. To me it’s the secret component to a happy relationship. Picture this with me:

A couple holding hands, leaning over a railing at the end of the pier, watching a sunset together. Neither is talking, but both are in the moment together.

A couple seeing their newborn child together for the first time, tears falling down both of their cheeks as they look at each other, and without words, lean in for a kiss.

Two girlfriends sharing a cup of coffee and one shares a painful experience. The other tilts her head as she listens, and reaches out to gently squeeze the other’s hand.

Two guys watching a peewee football game and jibe each other as their sons compete. When the other’s son makes a touchdown, the first turns and smiles and nods at his buddy.

All these people are sharing a moment in time together. They are experiencing life’s wonderment, God’s beauty, and joy together…they “Co-appreciate” the moment and in the sharing they are bonded, connected in this moment in time. The more moments two people share together, where they both appreciate the moment as well as the sharing of that moment with someone they care about, increases the intimacy of their connection. There becomes a richness in the relationship because they now have experienced a memory which they can take away with them forever.

Relationships need these deep, intimate moments in order to grow. Happy couples naturally understand this and make efforts to grow their relationship through spending meaningful time together. My grandparents had a natural understanding of this. Every day they would go walking at the mall before the doors opened. It was a tradition they started early in their marriage and continued well into their 80’s. Walking hand-in-hand as they “exercised” by window shopping and talking with others as they also walked, my grandparent’s love for each other shone brightly. It was not uncommon for my grandparents to be approached by strangers who would marvel and compliment them by saying, “I want what you have.” What they were witnessing was “co-appreciaousness” in action.

Take time today to marvel at God’s wonderment and find someone to share those special moments in life with a co-appreciatious heart.

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