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Do you know how much technology is stealing your productivity, your focus, your emotional regulation, and your life from you? Do you know that people who have “anxiety” are also suffering from what one author calls: "Digiphrenia"?

"The tension between the faux present of digital bombardment and the true now of a coherently living human generates the second kind of present shock, what we're calling digiphrenia—digi for "digital," and phrenia for "disordered condition of mental activity.”

Our “addiction” to technology is pulling us away from relationships, creativity, self-care, and work productivity. Do you know that your brain neural pathways are being rerouted every time you give in to the temptation to check your phone, your emails, your Facebook page? We have become impulsive to the point where we pick up our phones without even thinking about it. In a meeting, the one standing there talking must stop (pause) while you check your phone to see who is TEXTING you, or your Facebook page sends you a notification alert, or even answering a question meant to stimulate conversation is being put on “hold” while you “Check Google.” As a society we are stopping our ability to THINK because our phones and computers think for us. And we have become a RUDE society where the phone takes precedence over everyone around us by stealing our attention. Think I’m crazy?

Honestly answer these (Yes or No) even if the answer is "part” or “some” of the time:

  1. Has your boss stood there waiting for you to finish glancing at your phone, send a text, or complete a post?

  2. Has someone had to stop in mid-thought and mid-sentence while you reply to something that "popped up" on your phone?

  3. Have you ever told someone you are “Multi-Tasking” by "listening" to them and fiddling with your phone?

  4. Has anyone ever told you that your are being RUDE, inconsiderate, and it drives them CRAZY that even after they complain to you about your excessive phone use nothing ever changes?

  5. Are you giving your children a tablet to "keep them busy" so you can be on your phone or computer?

If this sounds like you, then YOU my friend, are an ADDICT! And like other addictions, it’s negatively impacting your career, your personal life, and you're accomplishing NOTHING (see how much you’re missing at home by noticing what “screens” are on at all times).

If you…

Walk in the door and the family is in front of the TV, computer, phone, or iPad,

If you Watch TV in Bed, on your iPad, or check your phone before crawling into bed,

If you have to stop your work progress because you are pulled away to the latest TEXT, or post,

If you pick up your phone (or never put it down) while driving,

If you check your phone at red lights, in line, or with your children at the park,

If you walk and look at your phone (simultaneously),

If you immediately pick up a buzzing or ringing phone...

If you get annoyed with OTHER's don't pick up their phone when it's ringing, buzzing, or beeping...

You are a Technology Crack-Head.

For every minute you impulsively check your technology…you LOOSE 25 minutes of productivity because your brain distraction takes that long to redirect, refocus, and reengage in creativity. Each time to take that “sip” of technology, you are getting more and more addicted.You are developing OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and your elevated anxiety is responding to your excessive need to check, seek, and share information.

Now that you've confirmed suspicions that you (LIKE ME) are addicted to technology, STEP AWAY FROM THE PHONE. And begin to eliminate the impulse to jump. Put your phones away where you cannot reach them, hear them, or where you are disconnected from them completely. Set aside specific times when you can check your TEXT, FACEBOOK, etc. (like on your lunch hour). Focus on your tasks at hand, be present with your family, your coworkers, and your boss, and you’ll be amazed at how much MORE you can get done and how much more calmer you are emotionally.

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