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Hand Me Down

Do you feel like you are treated like a child and this makes you mad because you are 30 and want to be treated like an adult? Are you sick of getting your parent's "hand-me-downs?"

Are you still living under your parent's control, under their roof, their rules, with their problems? Are you living dependent on them for income for your needs?

Well, maybe the problem is your parents still treat you as a child because you are so dependent on them.


Wait, I get it.

The cost of renting an apartment is through the roof. You need a savings of about $4,000 just to be able to pay the first months rent and security deposit. Then you have to furnish it and turn on the utilities, which can cost another grand. Then they want to check your credit report.


You're so far into debt with your student loans your credit report lingers in the low 400's. So you can't get qualified to even rent an apartment even if you could afford it. Then there's the job situation. Even with a degree you can't make enough money to keep up the cost of living on your own and pay your student loans. Everything is just so stinking expensive!

And don't get me started on politics, climate change, or any one of the many annoying things that drives today's youth to drink, vape, and get high on drugs.

Ouch again!

The good news is, you can change even while you are waiting for "things" to change. And the consideration of change can bring hope.

Often we get "stuck in our past" because we know all about it. We can share the painful memories with others and feel better about ourselves. We can blame others for our lack and do nothing about it. We can complain that we are victims and change nothing.

Or we can do something today to ensure a better tomorrow.

Up to now, who you have been has been defined by others and by circumstances beyond your control. Or, they the result of your poor choices and subsequent consequences of those choices.

Up to now, you have had limited ability to start a new life, so you sat in your old life and complained.

Up to now, you had a desire to change, but not the knowledge to know how to change.

Up to now.

Start today by answering these questions as if you changed nothing:

  1. Who am I?

  2. Why am I here?

  3. What is my life’s purpose?

  4. How will I be remembered after I'm gone?

  5. Who will even miss me when I'm gone?

If you answered these questions and got MORE depressed, that's okay. If your past is depressing, your past doesn't have to BE your future. A GREAT life doesn't just happen. You must design an excellent life in order to live excellently. You must know where you are going or you'll never get there or recognize it when you've arrived. If you want to improve your situation, you must make a plan for that outcome.

Answer these questions as if you changed:

  1. Who do I want to be?

  2. What is my goal for my life?

  3. What are my gifts and talents that I can use to encourage others?

  4. What can I change to be a better person?

  5. How can I create memories now that will linger long after I’ve gone?

Life is a journey and you need to realize that there will be good times and challenging times. But growth ONLY happens in the challenging times. That is where the learning takes place. When you stumble and fall, you need to get up and find out WHY you fell. When you have a relationship that ends poorly, seek to understand how YOU could do things differently next time to achieve a better outcome. If you have no money, seek ways to work for money. Work? Yes, work. Honor and self respect comes as a result of a good day's work. Success is found at the end of a workday. That's why your paycheck comes AFTER you do the work and not before. You get the grades after you've been tested.

Become the person you want to be. Be brave. Be encouraged. Get more out of your life than your parent's hand-me-downs. Get the life you were meant to live. Now!

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