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Infinite Abundance"

My friend Nikii told me she picks a "word for the year" that is her intent to live out. So we discussed other word options, and my word for this year is "Optimism." I selected it because I feel optimistic as I look forward to possibilities full of hope.

Nikii mentioned that it's important we consider living as if we've already received God's gifts and not live in...well, the opposite of abundance. I actually couldn't think of a word to identify the opposite of abundance and Google searched for it. One website had 375 words identified as he opposite of abundance. WOW, I thought. That's a lot of opposites!

How many of you live a life that is opposite of the way you want to live? Do you roll through the negative words (look them up) and pick a word for the day? Are you living in "lack, deficiency, or scarcity?" Those are just 3 of the many words I found that are opposite of abundance.

The Apostle Paul quotes Jesus when he said,

"I have come that they may have life,

and that they may have it more abundantly."

John 10:10b NKJV

So, today instead of living in the opposite of what you want, imagine yourself living the life of abundance. A life where you have "just enough" money to eat and have shelter, just enough time with family and friends, just enough of a purpose that you are pursuing, and amazingly you'll realize you already have "enough" for a happy life--you just haven't been living it.

Day 7: Abundance

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