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Rise Up

Now that you've gotten used to working from home, how are you preparing to return to the workplace? Do you have feelings of excitement to reengage face-to-face with coworkers and your boss, or are you anxious about returning because you never liked your workspace in the first place?

If you have enjoyed working from home so much why don't you make an offer to continue to work from home? If you were self-motivated and trustworthy to produce a excellent product through these difficult times, your boss may consider this option after the Stay Home Orders are lifted. After all, if you've been trustworthy and produced for the past 2 months from home what argument would your employer have to you continuing to work from home? If you have enjoyed the financial benefits of not having to drive, your employer may also benefit by hiring a new employee to put in your office space and double their workforce. You just might be able to propose a Win-Win that benefits everyone.

But, if you have not been self-motivated, have not produced a product of excellence, and have slacked off during your work from home opportunity, your employer may not feel you have been giving them the product they require of you. This means your employer might feel they must micromanage your work product in the workplace. Many employers are looking at this time of work-from-home as an opportunity to see how trustworthy employees are. Some employees who took a relaxed approach to working from home may find themselves being let go as the job market is flooded with overqualified people looking for work. Competition for limited employment opportunities has suddenly put your job in jeopardy and are you prepared to fight for it? If you are just waking up to the reality that the cream rises to the surface and you're in the bottom of the cup, there's still time to turn it around. It's not going to be easy as preparation for battle is never easy, but if you don't do it now, you may lose more than your job.

So, how do you start? With a conversation with your boss. Ask them what you need to do to help the company get back on its feet. Then do what your boss recommends. Don't just talk, take action. Make sure your boss knows what you are doing by checking back with them often to make sure you are following through with the stated goals and objectives. If there is a problem, offer solutions. If you can handle the problem on your own, do it. If your boss asks for your help, drop whatever you are doing and help out. If you do not make your job your priority, your boss won't make it his priority either. What you do today is building the foundation for tomorrow. Who you are today is in competition with the person of your past and you need to prove you are able and willing to step up to the challenge. If you don't someone else will step in who does't have those challenges to overcome.

"They are brought to their knees and fall, but we rise up and stand firm."

Psalm 20:8

Day 89: Rise

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