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Life can be irritating, annoying, and down right painful. No one ever gets out of life alive. There are few absolutes, but everyone can agree there is a beginning, a middle, and an end to life. No one knows how long or how short that life might be. We may want to fight against life or we can embrace it and live it to its fullest. We can praise the ones who gave us life, or we can curse our life and wish we were never born. Some envy the lives of others and there is no denying that a life lived well is a life to be admired. We can shed a tear of joy at a newborn's step into life and we can shed more tears when they leave it. We remember the elderly person's life by memorializing their life on headstones and we can bury others in unmarked graves where few knew of their life. We can see our lives through the number of accumulated victories and we can remember our lives as a victim of unfair injustices. There are those who sacrifice their lives for the lives of others, and there are others who put very little value on life. We can cheerfully give life and regretfully end life never even knowing the life that might have been lived. Life can be good or bad, long or short, happy, healthy, empty or full.

The bottom line is life is going to be whatever we make it. We have only one life to live and as they say, "This is not a dress rehearsal." How do you plan to take this day, this moment in time, and live your life?


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