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Blissfully Ignorant

Last night I heard a news story of a schoolteacher mom who put her 13-year-old son in the trunk of her car because she suspected he had Covid and did not want to expose herself to it. She drove to the test site where she popped the trunk so he could receive a test. I heard another heart wrenching story of a mother holding down her screaming five-year-old so he could receive the Covid shot. While traveling on an airplane during the holidays I heard the stewardess say a customer had been kicked off another plane for refusing to wear a mask and she was upset he was now on her plane. The latest news is legislators in Washington state are passing laws to force non-compliant people into "internment camps" where the government will determine what to do with you. People are losing their jobs, their homes, destroying their relationships, and committing suicide, while those spinning the fear are getting very, very, very rich.