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Bucket of Love

My cup runneth over and my heart is filled with joy every time I see the pure joy in the smile of a child.

A smile is necessary for a positive disposition. If you are unhappy try turning up the corners of your mouth and smile once in a while. When you begin to smile, and do it on a regular basis, you might just break out with a little laughter. Laugh more and BOOM you're on your way to feeling better. How can the process of smiling make such a huge difference in the way someone feels? I don't know...try it and see if it works for you.

Steps to learning how to smile

Look for reasons to smile. Any reason will do. I smile at the smell of bacon, a song on the radio, the laughter of a child, and even the sound of snow crunching under my feet. I smell the wind for aromas that bring alive memories of my past. I taste foods and "mmmm" as the the flavers dance in my mouth. I listen to music that makes me tap my toes and play an air guitar or drum roll my steering wheel. I look up to the heavens and smile as wonder fills my mind as my eyes watch puffy clouds dance in the wind. I smile at my cat who greets me at the door each night and I love fondling the fur around her neck. All my senses bring smiles to my life and allows me to experience joy even in moments of trouble?

Be kind to others and give them a smile. It will do wonders for yourself as well.


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