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Changed Perspective

The pendulum has swung and the world has returned to its prior state of insanity as chaos reigns. Uncertainty causes insecurity and that insecurity keeps us unbalanced and fearful. There are so many changes happening every moment of every day that many feel polarized in their thinking. The children have the worst of it as parents continue to destabilize their homes in an effort to meet these changes and what really needs to happen is we need to slow down and take a break from it all.

One day last week I put down my phone, turned off the TV, and stepped away from the laptop. It was incredibly quiet. I went outside for a long bike ride and when I returned I was hot and sweaty and lay down on the cool grass of my yard to recover. While I lay there my mind wondered to the last time I laid on the grass and looked at the sky. It brought back memories of watching puffy clouds floating by on a sea of blue and I gently dozed off to sleep. That short nap was maybe the most restful sleep I've had in years. Turning off the static that is a constant with technology and returning to the simple pleasures of connecting with the earth was so amazing. I felt refreshed and at peace. This pause in my day had changed my perspective and I returned to my day with hope restored.

Stop and smell the roses.

Connecting with nature has long been a way to relax, but for some reason we think it requires a destination vacation, a long drive to a National Park, or some long holiday weekend. In reality it might be right outside your door. It could be the smell of the BBQ cooking burgers or a patio swing left abandoned for too long. It could be a hammock that is covered with leaves that needs a good brushing off. It could be a walk in the park, the swing of a golf club, or collecting sea shells near the shore. Maybe the best way to stand on your feet is to start by laying on your back. Mother Nature is there waiting for us to embrace her and she will pour into us a calm restoration. Often when we feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and at the end of our ropes, a changed perspective is all it takes to find the answers we seek, rest for our minds, and the comfort we long for.


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