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Colloquial Aneurysm

Do words matter? Yes. The right words can bring healing and the wrong words, or the way you say those words, can be mind-blowing. I made up this phrase, but it says a lot when you think of it. A Colloquialism is a style of speaking or writing. It is an informal and casually used phrase or saying that we might use in every day conversations. This would be the type of language where no one really cares if it is grammatically or literally incorrect. An aneurysm is when your brain has an enlarged artery that can lead to a brain bleed. A Colloquial Aneurysm is a mind-blowing experience.

I have always marveled at the English language. Words can be expressive in describing the way one feels when they witness a beautiful sunset over calm waters. And words can be incredibly destructive when screamed in anger at a helpless child. When we use hurtful words to cut someone down, or rip them to shreds, we are being intentionally unkind and crewel. When we do this to those who we love we can destroy their inner peace and damage them for life. How they learn to respond to those harsh attacks will be seared into their personality and may result in their blowing up as they grow up. Unfortunately, they won't know why they do what they do because they learned it so young in life. They may learn to isolate in fear of exploding in anger or they may hate themselves that they can't stop it from happening. They may helplessly accept the pain of another's words and hate that they don't know how to leave the abusive relationship. They may throw themselves on the dagger of words trying to protect their children from the anger only to learn their children have become weaponized as well.

Anger is one letter short of DANGER!

If you have learned to use words or anger as a tool of communication I have good news, you can learn a better way to communicate. You can use words to express how you feel, what you are seeing, and what you are thinking without the fear of a mind-blowing experience. I recommend a book called, Overcoming Emotions that Destroy by Chip Ingram and Dr. Becca Johnson. They share how our words driven by our anger can damage ourselves as well as those around us. Increasing understanding about the way we learn to communicate is the beginning of changing the unhealthy patterns we've come to accept.


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