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Directions Please

Are you a parent who is trying to figure out how to be a "good" parent, even while you feel you are failing yourself, your children, and your spouse? I hope to encourage you today...we all feel lost as parents. The road is not clearly marked, and often we learn too late that we were speeding down the wrong road entirely. Sometimes, we must turn around and go back in order to get on the right road. Isn't it funny that men make fun of women's driving, and women make fun of men who refuse to ask for directions? Maybe Moses (of the Bible) wouldn't have wondered in the desert 40 years if he only would have asked for directions.

Often, we focus on the wrong things. We can receive a large bag of golden blessings and still complain at the weight of it. When someone finally pushes you to a place of discontent so big you must change, instead of resentment toward them, say, "Thank you" for forcing a situation upon me that offered me a chance to grow. This is a blessing in disguise. Change is hard, but change must happen in order for opportunity to improve to take place.

You are not starting over when you take a step back. It is a move based on strategy. It's not a retreat. You are regrouping and preparing to implement a new strategy that will take you in a different direction. It is not failure, it is skill. It is not something to fear, it takes courage and insight to change direction. When you accept that sometimes moving forward requires us to change direction, even in the direction of stepping back, we can influence others to make adjustments in their actions as well. Our insecurities can be passed down to our children who also are trying to maneuver through life. Likewise, our courage can be handed down when others see how we address challenges not with fear, but in faith, and that faith put into action.

"A wise man’s heart leads him toward the right.

But the foolish man’s heart leads him toward the left."

Ecclesiastes 10:2

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