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Drinking Games

Alcohol consumption and therapy do not go well together. One must deny culpability while the other points to the truth. As long as this dance continues, therapy is not happening, and healing cannot occur. In order for an alcoholic to have a chance at improved relationships and level of functioning they must address the elephant in the room which is their addiction. So often that same elephant must sit on the addict's head before they feel the pressure to change and sometimes the crushing effects are fatal.

By the time someone comes to couples or family therapy for help with failed relationships, homelessness, or self-harm ideation they have been rooted in their addiction for years, decades, or even a lifetime. The journey to sobriety and repairing of damaged relationships may take just as long as they travel toward recovery and repair. The two go hand in hand if forgiveness and trust are to be rebuilt. This can only happen if the alcoholic or addict is willing to stop the drinking games and get serious with the battle that lay ahead. There will be fear, there will be failures, and there will be a desire to quit. Yes, these things will consume your thoughts and they may be a part of your life for as long as you live. But assuredly if you press through the triggers, the cravings, and the many reasons why you feel justified to drink, you will find courage waiting on the other side of the fear. Do it every day, several times of the day, and you may find you've traveled so much further than you ever believed you could.

If you believe you will.


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