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Flames of Fear

Working with Veterans and active-duty military is a blessing and an honor. I am so proud of our men and women who have made the choice to put their lives in harm's way to rescue people from eminent threat. It takes a very courageous individual to answer the call, step out of the norm, and enter the flames of fear. Courage is only found on the other side of fear, and one must walk through fear to find it.

This unique group of individuals (photo) came together as one with one purpose: to rescue Americans and Americas allies from Afghanistan. This veteran and military support coalition had the knowledge, the willingness, and the moxie needed to step up to the challenge and implemented Operation Chivalrous Night, where over eight days they rescued 8,911 people from Afghanistan and coordinated the rescue of over 3,000 more eventually saving 12,000 men, women, and children. Phase II Operation New Hope is committed to ensuring their care here in their new homeland. Read more (

Americans have always been known for their courage under fire. It's what makes America great. One nation, one language, one purpose that spans across an expansive land of wonder and glory. The freedoms we have experiences since the birth of our nation have been both blessing and curse, but we have always found a way to be better. Wisdom only comes through adversity. Change is inevitable and change we must, but not all change is good or beneficial. We must return to the things that made us great by being great individuals first. When the individual can stand strong, independent, courageous, and intentional they can start a wildfire of hope. And isn't hope what we need most right now? My gratitude goes out to the men and women who fearlessly responded to the call to action by saving, "Here I am. Send me."


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