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Foul Play

I have worked with people caught up in addiction for years - and they are a tough bunch to help change. Until they feel like changing, they won't. They must accept that they have a problem first or they will not seek help and will return to their addiction over and over again.

Addiction, of all types, comes on gradually; by the glass, a pill, a photo, and doesn't stop until it's got a death grip around your neck and is strangling the life out of you. Most addicts won't feel like changing until everything around them has been lost and they have nothing more to lose. For many, only death will stop their addiction.

You don't believe me? Look at the homeless problem for example. It's reported the number one and two causes of homelessness is Addiction and Mental Health. Look at the breakup of relationships. The main cause of breakups is pornography, deception, and unfaithfulness. Look at most relationships and you'll see selfishness, abuse, addiction, and narcissistic behaviors at the root of their problems.

When people get "hooked" on some object (drugs, alcohol, porn, food), or a place (gym, extreme sports, work, church, hobbies), or people (codependent relationships, political figures, or the rich and famous), they become "addicted" to the person, place, or thing. The person, place, or object starts running the show and they are just "going along for the ride." When a group of people get together to enjoy their addiction together in the form of a riot, it's what we used to call "Group Think." These groups are not always negative. They can be compiled of people who attend church together under the same faith, attend the same University, or athletes and spectators who gather for events and competitions. But it can also be people who have a common desire to undermine society's norms, remove safety valves, and destroy past protections. The world is changing so rapidly in the aftermath of 2020 that people are reaching for anything that will make them feel good, feel distracted, or just want something to feel other than fear.

When the addiction is your FEELINGS

We give way to much power to our feelings. Emotions are not facts and when we think our feelings are flawless, we can make unrealistic demands of others. Feelings come and go and can be impacted by something as simple as hunger, lust, or fear. Our thoughts drive our feelings and if we think negatively toward someone, we will feel negative toward them as well. When we want to feel different and can't shut off the negative thoughts, the bottle, the video, or the joint seem like a great way to turn down the noise in our minds. Unfortunately, this only prolongs the pain and suffering continues. There is help and hope for those who seek it. Like the girl in the photo, get out of the dump, don't try to play in it.


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