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This photo makes me sad. Some would say he looks "tranquil" and that listening to music while in the middle of a forest might be relaxing. After all, just look at his face? I think he is missing a lot of the benefits he could receive by remaining distracted by the things he's listening to instead of listening to nature.

There are common words and methods we mental health providers use such as "grounding" and "mindfulness" that have become very common on social media platforms. The terms are common, but the methods can vary greatly. Some therapists will recommend yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, and self-hypnosis to transport one to a place where their minds (and body) can find peace and relaxation. Others believe there is something special in being present with nature that can bring a deeper sense of peace and balance.

Take a closer look at this guy sitting in a forest on a blanket of fall leaves. He is holding his iPhone listening with ear buds and has his eyes closed. How much better would it be if he were to turn off the music and let the rustle of the leaves in the wind be the music he hears? How about laying down in the leaves and taking in their aromatic fragrance and breathing deeply the clean fresh air? How about grabbing a handful of leaves and feeling them crunch in his fist? How about looking up at God's wonderful colors, textures, and beauty that is like none other? How about feeling gravity pull him into the Earth truly experiencing what is grounding him? How about instead of distracting his mind with noise, letting his mind drift freely, contemplating his life's mission, purpose, and passions? This is where true peace is, where we can be centered in ourselves, in our universe, in our spirit, and our soul can feel truly free.

"Remember, happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have;

it depends solely upon what you think."


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