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Holly Molly!

Have you noticed how much we are giving away of ourselves to technology? Spell Check means we don't have to actually know how to spell and calculators on our phones means we don't have to actually know how to add, subtract, or divide. We can "Google-Search" any topic we want to explore and believe without question whatever we are told. We search for more, know less, and as long as no one challenges our beliefs, we can live in ignorant bliss.

Holly Molly people! We've stopped thinking for ourselves and are acting more like sheep being led to slaughter than intelligent individual thinkers.

This is what happens when you hand an infant a cell phone instead of talking to them. They won't believe the person because technology has become their parent.

In the animal world there is a term called, "Imprinting." This is when an animal can believe they are another species. A kitten can suckle right alongside puppies and think it is a dog. In much the same way, babies can be confused by what is the real world and what it is seeing through technology. It believes everything to be true and has no ability to distinguish truth from lies and manipulations. Parents are ignorant to the flood of false information their children consume and then wonder, "Where do they come up with such nonsense?" When parents quit engaging with their children and gave their children over to technology, children were the ones who suffered. Critical thinking was replaced by conformity and conformity at all costs is turning children into robots. They are being programmed to believe lies and the only way to save them is to turn off technology. You may say, "But they will fight me on this." Yes, yes, they will. With everything in their being they want to be like everyone else. But if they were using cocaine or drinking a 5th of vodka in your presence, wouldn't you take those harmful things away from them? When parents understand that technology is more addictive than any drug, maybe they will be willing to save their child from the abuse of it.


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