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I Feel Your Pain

Someone sent me this in an email this morning and I laughed, but then felt exactly what she's expressing. Frustration! Life is boring in the drive-through and I want to have some fun too!

Whoever this little girl is, I feel your pain. Many of us are frustrated with the shut-downs too, but there is hope! Riverside, San Bernardino, LA, and Orange County are reopening! I don't know if McDonald's will have opened their playgrounds, or if swimming pools, or other social gathering places will be open, but we at least are moving in a positive direction.

Corona Virus has impacted so many businesses and employees who have been furloughed due to the pandemic. We are not completely out of the woods, but the end of the forest is in sight. We can be hopeful if we stop focusing on the tree in front of us, and look back at the forest we've passed through.

Anxiety and Depression are still on the increase as businesses open up with limitations, restrictions, and unrealistic expectations placed upon them to guarantee the safety of their patrons and employees. Additionally, employees who have been sitting on the couch glued to their televisions and social media outlets now have to remember what it was like to get up and shower and dress for the day. Walking out the door into the bright sunlight and leaving the comfort of our air-conditioned homes and walking directly into the 110 degree heatwave can cause irritability and panic attacks to say the least. Returning to the crowded commute that we left for the past 6 months can bring back road rage that has been quelled by the stay home experience. Heck, walking out to the car that's been parked for 6 months to find the battery dead is enough to result in damage to the vehicle from flying tools and pounding fists. Employers walking back into a business that has been collecting dust for 6 months now must sterilize it in anticipation of reopening, not to mention the hand sanitizer, wipes, masks, floor markers (6' apart), and dividers one must build between office spaces. One can get pretty frustrated!

I won't even go into the kids having to do distance learning...that deserves a rant of its own.

If anyone else is feeling the frustrations of the shut-down of America and is now feeling the pains of returning to work, give us a call at 951-900-4414.

We feel your pain and we'll help you to eliminate it.


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